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Farm Ranch and Agribusiness Insurance

The type of farm, ranch or agribusiness insurance you need will depend on the type of farm you have. From agricultural farms to horse and dairy farms your needs can be very different. Your insurance can be tailored to cover all different types of farm structures from the dwelling you live in, including your home's contents and personal property, to your barns and other farm outbuildings. You might be interested in coverage beyond the basic plan for such items as antiques, and jewelry and furs. A broad range of insurance coverage is available from named perils protection to special all risk protection plans.

If you are covering animals such as horses or cattle you will want to look at a custody, care and control insurance policy. This is essential if you board or borrow animals for showing, racing or breeding. This insurance plan would cover all you would be legally obligated to pay for damage to animals in your care, custody or control. It would cover the injury, theft or death of a horse or other animal in your care. Many times these same plans will cover you for defense in any suit against you. What if you are a farmer? Insurance coverage would still need to be in place for your work, breeding and saleable animals. These are a few of the plans available:

Mortality coverage

Major medical insurance

Surgical insurance

Infertility insurance

Accidental loss of use

Full loss of use

Trip transit coverage

Trailer insurance

Other coverage that farms would need are:

Farm machinery

Farm trees

Business liability

Farm property

Working dogs



Farm motor vehicles

Crop insurance

Public liability

Disaster in the form of theft, natural disasters, weather and vandalism face many farmers. Making sure that you have the insurance that covers you, your home and your farm is extremely important. Make sure you work with an insurance company you can trust and that has a history of excellent service and claims response.

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